Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sketchbook Stories - Page 4

I think this will be the last page I'll feature on the blog before I move onto regular sketches on my twitter feed.

This was an unfinished panel where the story (and our cast of characters) were to be introduced.  Here's what the text says:

"How did my parents find out? (about having powers, etc) By the time I was born, we already had a test and shot that released my power in spurts until I can find some sort of control.  Doctors take away all the fun.  I grew up, different but not too different.  I couldn't join sports for obvious reasons and my parents found out of a school in a city full of 'people like me' that they wanted me to go to.  I got in, they were happy and now that's where I'm headed off to."

More worldbuilding, but I notice this writing raises more questions (not in a good way) than answers.  This was also at a point where I used commas instead of periods because I was lazy. I remember being happy about the buttcheek on the left, the "test."  But a lot of this part of the story isn't really there in the current version.  Still, if you go to my post where I showed the first page (in color), you can see some similarities between it and the central panel.

More to come tomorrow!