Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sketchbook Stories - Page 3

No intro, let's just check out the page.  

This continues the long, long intro of the graphic novel, starting to get a little more dynamic in its frames.  I really like the last panel, and the right top panel - I think the posing is pretty good and it communicates fairly effectively what is happening.  The left side of the page is a little more muddled; my anatomy and perspective is pretty off.  I've also noticed that I'm much more line-heavy compared to now.  I guess since I'm mostly working with color, line takes less precedence that it did before.

Here's the accompanying text:

"But there were no superheroes, no villains.  Guess we're a bit more mature than that.  Like I said, at the beginning, if you were one of the lucky few, you just made money off of appearances and talk shows.  There were a few bad eggs who used their powers "for evil,"the random superpower who decided to be a cop usually put a stop to that.  There was undecipherable that random dumbass who overestimated his power and fatally realized that he's not impervious to bullets."

More cringe-worthy narration.  Full of cliches, writing that just goes on (when on a comic book page, you need to be as succinct as possible) and doesn't say too much else.  I like some of the ideas there, but the execution - poor.  

Join me tomorrow when I'll have the last page of Graphic Novel related sketching.